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RAM joins RIAA

This article originally appeared in Money Management.

Australian wealth asset manager, Real Asset Management (RAM), has joined the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA), a move which followed the firm’s recent appointment as a pay equity ambassador.

RAM Australia chief executive, Scott Kelly said becoming a part of the RIAA network was a natural outcome of the company’s mission and beliefs, which were based on a “desire to do the right thing generally and be a force for good”.

He said it would also enable better management of long-term investment risks and, most importantly, was in line with the firm’s investment activities which took into account the broader interests of stakeholders and the community.

“Good governance, social responsibility and sustainability are key pillars of our company’s culture. RAM recognises the importance of responsible investing, and we are committed to integrating ESG [environmental, social and governance] into our operations and investment strategies,” Kelly said.

“We believe that identifying and managing ESG factors helps to find new opportunities and steer capital towards more attractive areas.”

According to RIAA’s chief executive, Simon O’Connor, by joining the RIAA, RAM demonstrated its commitment to supporting mission, beliefs and objectives focused on aligning capital with achieving a healthy society, environment and economy.