What We Do

The Real Asset Management Group is positioned as a global wealth management and advisory firm, skilled in cross border investments and structuring. As such our clients are typically seeking expert advice as to where to position their wealth globally, and how to ensure the best future for their families. Investing in a foreign jurisdiction may seem at first to be a daunting prospect, and our role is to be there with our clients as their guide on this journey.

We provide discretionary and advisory investment solutions across a broad array of asset classes including Cash, Fixed Income, Equities, Private Equity and also Real Asset investments. Our clients enjoy the benefits of investing through regulated managed funds, and bespoke investment mandates booked and managed in multiple jurisdictions worldwide.

Sample of our Investment Offering: 

1) Core Cash Fund (AUD)
●Call and Term Deposits with Australian Deposit-Taking Institutions

2) Enhanced Cash Fund (AUD)
●Cash and Secured Credit Investments

1) Government Bond Funds (AUD, USD)
●Sovereign and municipal senior bonds

2) Corporate Debt Funds (AUD, USD)
●Senior and subordinated bonds and notes

3) Credit Funds (AUD, USD)
●Secured loans and mortgage backed securities

1) Blue Chip Equity Fund (AUD)
●Leading companies listed on the ASX

2) Emerging Companies Fund (AUD)
●Smaller growth companies listed in Australia

1) Core-Plus Commercial Property Funds (AUD)
●Income producing Retail and Commercial property

2) Residential Development investments (AUD)
●Land subdivision and apartment projects in prime growth areas

1) RAM Australia Private Opportunities Fund (AUD)
●Expansion Capital in order to enable Australian companies with differentiated product, or technology to access high margin North Asian export markets

1) Client Discretionary Mandate (AUD, USD)
●Professional asset allocation with diversification across asset classes ensures that your portfolio is less susceptible to financial market fluctuations

2) Client Advisory Mandate (AUD, USD)
●Market-oriented investment and advisory process allows for an appropriate response to market developments whilst not losing sight of the longer term time horizon

1) Diversified Fixed Income & Credit Strategy (AUD, USD)
●Government bonds, cash, subordinated/senior debt and hybrid securities

2) Listed Interest Rate Securities Strategy (AUD)
●Cash, subordinated/senior debt and hybrid securities

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