• Cyprus EU Passport Program
  • Application Process

    • Fast Track to EU Passport

      Entire family receive EU Passport in 3 months Visa free travel across 157 countries
    • Visa free travel across 157 countries

      Including France, New Zealand, Singapore, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and 6 months stay in Canada
    • Allow dual citizenship

    • Freedom to live, work and own properties anywhere in the EU

    • Entitled to EU healthcare

    • Can study at schools or universities in any EU country for free or discounted rates exclusive for EU nationals

    • Lowest-tax EU Jurisdiction, no inheritance tax


    • Primary applicant aged 18 or above
    • Has a clean criminal record
    • No refusal on immigration record
  • 1

    Step 1

    Immigration pre-screening check by Cyprus Lawyer on all prospective clients


    Step 2

    Purchase Government Bonds through RAM Cyprus Bond Fund


    Step 3

    Place funds in Lawyer’s escrow account for Real Estate purchase


    Step 4

    Passport Issued in 3 months


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